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  1. Nice job on the single and the site. Thanks for keeping the dream alive.
    Rachel’s dad

  2. Not to be greedy, but now we need a video. You guys have heard of youtube, right?
    Ethan’s mom.

  3. Nadia. We all the family are very proud of you !!! keep in that way . Alcanzaras tu sueño.!!!!!

  4. Those songs are greatly interpreted, beautiful voice & the band is amazing!
    Full of Joy, very proud!

    And this not even the beginning…

    Mereces lo que sueñas (G.C.)

    Nadia’s Uncle

  5. Wow…..first non family member.
    Congratulations….and thanks for the great product. I love the way you merge the old and the new….
    As a longtime member of a several soul and jazz forums on the net, I understand the importance of not only continuing the Memphis sound but adding with your original pieces.
    Saw this on Simon’s blog and jumped right in. Connected to it on several levels. David. Lafayette. Soul. Musical Progeny.
    One guy on the forum referenced Marvin Gaye….but I hear Solomon Burke. Love the lyrical solo on Killing.
    Best wishes and I look forward to seeing you on tour when you pass through Tinytown.

  6. Best. Wedding. Band. Evah.
    Jeremy and the gang KILLED last night at my brother’s reception – perfect mix of jazz for first few hrs, then R&B/SOUL for the rest of the night. Tremendous execution, musicianship, humor, variety. Best $10,000 we could have spent. Let me know where to repost this…


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