The Intrinsics

The Intrinsics

The eponymous debut for Boston-based soul band, The Intrinsics. Inspired by the sweet sounds of Memphis, New Orleans, Detroit, and Muscle Shoals, The Intrinsics bring soul to audiences around Boston and the Northeast.

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Jeremy Sabath: Vocals and Trombone
Nadia Urrea: Vocals
Tree Palmedo: Trumpet, Handclaps
Ben Sobel: Tenor Saxophone
John Bass Tournas: Baritone Saxophone
Alex Graff: Guitar, Handclaps
Ethan Simon: Keyboards, Bandleader
Jonathan Elyashiv: Bass Guitar, Handclaps
Matt Gold: Drums and Tambourine
And on “Shoulda Known Better” and “Off the Record”
Jordan Lagana: Bass Guitar
Max Seiss: Tambourine and Aux Percussion

All songs recorded at The Soul Shop in Medford, MA and engineered and mixed by Elio DeLuca except for “Shoulda Known Better” and “Off the Record,” which were recorded at Q Division Studios in Somerville, MA and engineered and mixed by Matt Beaudoin. Production: The Intrinsics and Elio DeLuca. Mastering: TW Walsh.

The Intrinsics would like to thank Rachel Horn and the Lowell House security guard.