Rachel Horn and Ethan Simon first met as fellow DJs at Harvard’s WHRB. After many late nights excitedly, drunkenly slurring about Stax records, the plan was hatched to found a soul band at Harvard—a band that would focus on the gritty sounds of classic Southern soul.

Friends were recruited, auditions were held.

From the start, the Intrinsics set out to be a band that played music that was fun, funky, and most importantly, danceable. Soul music asks simple questions—Do you like good music?—and responds with hard hitting drums and harder hitting horns.

Two years later, Harvard is still dancing to the Intrinsics, and so is Boston.

Nadia Urrea Vocals
Jeremy sabath Vocals+Trombone
Tree Palmedo TRUMPET
Ben SobeL Tenor Sax
John Bass Tournas Bari+Alto Sax
Alex Graff Guitar
Ethan Simon PIano
Jonathan elyashiv Bass
Matt Gold Drums




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  1. yes I love good music that gets me dancing. Thrilled you’re making this music! I’m so excited for my nephew Alex, and for all of you. Well done. Congrats. Hope you come and play in Chicago.

  2. I hadn’t heard of your band, so thanks to WHRB, whose jazz programming I faithfully listen to every weekday, for announcing and hosting your on-air performance on 3/4/16. The band has a great sound (horns, vocals, keyboard … ), and I hope to come see you around town somewhere. I’m a huge music fan(atic), especially anything New Orleans or Louisiana related. Getting ready to head down there on April 21 for my annual pilgrimage to the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage festival.

  3. I haven’t seen Ethan since he was in 5th grade, but there was no doubt even then that we would be hearing great things about him. I received an email invitation from Ethan’s dad to a gig in DC. Until that point, I had never heard of the Intrinsics before, but I had to check it out to see what had become of Ethan in all those years since PRES. After listening to the first track, I was hooked. Incredibly rich, beautiful sound. I’m a fan! I am most definitely going to try and make it to the Rock and Roll Hotel to see you guys in person. Going to try to get Mrs. Benner and Mr. Davis – along with the rest of the Pointers Run folks- to join me!

  4. Oh my gosh! It’s been a minute! Thank you so much for the kind words. Please come, I’d love to see you! Are they still doing the Stock Market Game these days?

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